"Ink N Geek is a one of a kind Tattoo and body piercing studio. We offer a one of a kind creative experience, where art can be truly enjoyed."


Maria Saber

"Owner / Promoter"

Maria (Sushi), tattooing since 2009 (starting her apprenticeship the late summer 2008 ) learning the "old school" way with American traditional and Classic Japanese art styles. Maria (Sushi) personal style comes from her love for Geek + pop culture, some of her favorite styles are Anime (Dragon ball z, Sailor moon and Pokémon) and video games (RPG, Final fantasy, World of Warcraft, Overwatch), Maria love's Marvel Comics as well Deadpool being her favorite character. Sushi's style is defiantly that of "bubble gum pop" being very colorful, playful, and whimsical.

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Alexis G.INK

"Lead Artist / Manager"

Alex is a Tattoo Artist/Body Piercer out of Quito Capital del Ecuador since 2015. He owned his own studio in Cuba before moving to South West FL early 2022. Alex is INK N GEEK's lead artist and helping train Kat to take on the role as lead piercer. Being well versed in body mods of all kinds and looks forward to growing more in the industry.

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Kat 4

"Body Piercer"

Kat has always gravitated strongly towards outlets of self expression. Being an artist at heart, she enjoys spending her free time creating.. or thinking about her next creation. Ever since she was young she saw piercing as another mode of expression, helping people to showcase themselves in their own unique way!

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Gabe Tats

"Apprentice / Noobie"

Ink N Geeks Apprentice Gabe aka Tats by Gabe ( or little big tattoos) bio coming soon..

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"Geeky Gimmicks"

Johnny runs things in our merch department and helps out in the studio.... more bio coming soon...

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Matte Black

"Tattoo Artist'

Ink N Geeks newest team member bio coming soon..

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